Vaccum tube Cyprus

Specs Details
Inner Tank Material 2 mm Hot Processed Sheet
Inner Tank Wall Material Oven Enamel Covered
Outer Tank Cover 0.5 mm RAL 9005 Colored
Insulation Polyurethane
Polyurethane Density 40 KG/m3
Polyurethane Thickness 50 mm
Tubes Openings 58 mm
Outlets and Inlets 1/2”
Resistance Inlet 1 ¾”
Structure Material Black square pipes 40 X 40 mm
Coil Material 316 Stainless Steel
Coil Inlet and outlet 1/2”
Coil Test Pressure 10 Bar
Coil working Pressure 3 Bar
Coil Length 30 M
Vacuum Tube Diameter 58 mm
Vacuum Tube Length 1800 mm
Vacuum Tube Glass Thickness 2.2 mm
Vacuum Tube weight 2.5 KG
Vacuum Tube Material High Borosilicate 3 Target Al-Cu-SS
Vacuum Degree 4,0 10-3 Pa
Absorbance Rate 96%
Manufacturer Warranty 5 Years

Vaccum tube Jordan

Specs Details
Dimensions 193mm X 93mm X 70mm
Casing Electrostatic Painted Aluminum
Weight 32 Kg
Sealing EPDM & Silicon
Gross Area 1.81 m2
Absorber Area 1.61 m2
Absorber Material Aluminum Black Matt Painted
Absorbance 75%
Emittance 25%
Welding Method Laser Welding
Heat Carrier volume 3.05 Lt
Diameter Of absorber Tube 12mm
Diameter Of header Tube 30mm
Absorber Tube Wall Thickness 1.00mm
Header Tube Wall Thickness 2.50mm
Number Of Tubes 12
Glass Material Prismatic ( Low Iron ), Tempered Solar
Transmittance Of Glass 91%
Thickness Of Glass 4mm
Insulation Material Glass Wool
Density Of Wool 52 Kg/m2
Thickness Of Wool 50mm
Stagnation Temperature 135 C
Maximum Operation Pressure 6 Bar
Test Pressure 9 Bar
Pipe Material Aluminum